Esprit Low Profile and A Class Motorhomes

Travelling with Esprit!

The ESPRIT models are the ideal travel companions, bringing you safely to your destination: the AL-KO broad gauge chassis is fitted as standard and provides more contact with the road surface. Also, the low vehicle height of only 287 cm and the resulting low centre of gravity contributes to supreme handling even on winding country roads or poor road conditions. And with the environmetally friendly, high-torque Euro5+ engines you are always in for a lively drive.

As with all Dethleffs motorhomes, safety is standard - with ESP and other driver assistance systems such as the new Hill Descent Control, which maintains a speed of max. 30 km/h all by itself when driving downhill – without applying the brakes. Instead you can concentrate fully on steering.

ESPRIT Plus factors

  • No steps up from the cab to the living area
  • Drop chassis extension for a large rear garage
  • Convex door with flyscreen
  • Electrical entrance step
  • Multi-part and repair-friendly rear with long-lasting LED rear lights


  • Winter Comfort packages are available


  • Warm light for relaxing hours
    Low Profile 7150 EB / Cypress Villa / SOLANA
  • Everything close at hand: wardrobes next to the bathroom
    T 7150 EB
  • Roller doors offer flexible use of space in the bathroom and bedroom
    T 7150 EB
  • Standard pull-down bed with cold foam mattress and slatted frame
    I 6870
  • Real cooking pleasure in the Gourmet Kitchen Centre
    I 6870
  • The panoramic side window (option) bathes the furniture in bright light. An L-shaped seating lounge comes as standard.
    I 7010 / Cypress Villa / CONCERTO

Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Calva Apfel Globebus

Cypress Villa

Soft furnishing



Dethleffs MoreValue

Standard specification interior

Adjustable click spotlights

Large transparent skylight for good air circulation

Perfect sleeping comfort thanks to SleepWell system with high-quality mattresses and slatted frames

Adjustable heading section for single beds

Warm water floor heating optionally available

Dashboard with internal air duct for fast windscreen defrosting

Spacious bathrooms with lots of storage shelves

Practical: 230 volt socket and adjustable lashing lugs in the rear garage

Multiflex floor (option)

The overhead locker ventilation "AirPlus" ensures a healthy indoor climate

Standard specification exterior

Drive safely with ESP as standard

Dynamically styled front with daytime driving lights

Few fuel stops due to large fuel tank

Elegant recessed LED daytime driving lights for A Class models

Well protected against hail: durable GRP roof

Fiat low frame chassis for safe driving characteristics

Large adjustable window in the cab hood (option)

A hint for winterfans

Esprit models without a double floor can be upgraded with the optional Winter Comfort package. Take a look at the Esprit Comfort-Models with a double floor construction an!

Dethleffs lightweight construction

Any of ESPRIT and ESPRIT COMFORT Low Profile and A Class models can come as standard with 4 passengers' homologation and 3.5 t of total weight!

Design Variants Low Profile

Esprit Low Profile Motorhomes

Life in the ESPRIT models is as just relaxed as the drive. In the evening, the recessed spotlights in the plinth bathe the living room with a warm and pleasant light.

All ESPRIT models also offer generous bathroom layouts. You will find plenty of space and privacy in the expansive bathrooms: Close the door to the living room, and the bedroom is transformed into your very own private dressing room.

The only thing you have to choose yourself is what to wear in the evening – thanks to the LED lighting in the wardrobe, you are sure to find something suitable!

ESPRIT T Plus factors

  • AL-KO broad gauge chassis for confident driving
  • Sophisticated lighting concept with LED lights in the plinth, awning light and wardrobe lighting No steps up from the cab to the living area
  • Opening window in cab hood is standard

Design Variants A Class

Esprit A Class Motorhomes

The best views

Travelling in the ESPRIT A Class is a visual experience, thanks to the large panoramic windscreen. This doesn't just make it stylish, but also opens up a great all-round view of the outside. In this way, both mirrors and even the area in front of the vehicle are always in view of the driver – a real gain in safety!

Need an additional double bed? Simply use your Esprit with a practical XXL pull-down bed. We are talking here about a fully fledged bed with a 200 x 150 cm lying area, bed frame, cold foam mattress, plenty of headroom and sweet dreams.

At least we have done everything we can!

ESPRIT I Plus factors

  • Circumferential windscreen with unique Panorama view
  • Large engine bay opening for easy access to the engine bay
  • Two-piece front with replaceable bumper
  • Comfortable Maxi pull-down bed (200 x 150 cm) with cold foam mattress and wooden slatted frame
  • Cab blinds for darkening and insulation