ADVANTAGE Low Profile and A Class

Here, the name says it all! For the model year 2015, we have reinvented the ADVANTAGE for you: more comfort, more safety, more durability, more ideas! From the standard 142 l fridge and extra wide living room door to the spacious seating area - the ADVANTAGE knows how to impress you with many ideas and also with its sensationally low price.

And in order for you to enjoy all this for a long time, even the ADVANTAGE is based on the new Dethleffs Lifetime Plus technology. This means a rot-proof body construction without wood inserts! The roof and floor are protected by GRP panels and the highly compressed, water-resistant XPS insulation keeps heat and cold at bay.

What's really impressive is the lightweight construction of the ADVANTAGE throughout: It's licenced for 4 persons with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes, and yet can still take on lots of cargo.

The ADVANTAGE Plus factors

  • XL: spacious seating lounge with harmonious shapes for all layouts
  • Power-saving LED interior illumination
  • New kitchen design with variable cooker cover and drawers. Practical: fold-away working surface enlargement for all layouts
  • Slim fridge with 142 l volume thereof 15 l freezer compartment and practical bottle pull-out
  • Luxurious: extra-wide living room doors (70 cm) for easy access including fly screen doors as standard
  • Gas bottle locker with pull-out function for a comfortable change of gas bottles


  • The bright living area with modern furniture is bathed in a warm light in the evening. The indirect lighting is optionally available. Power-saving LED lighting technology comes as standard.
    T 7051 EB / Noce Solista / CHEVRON
  • The spacious, elegantly shaped seating area is in a class of its own when it comes to seating comfort
    T 7051 DBM / Noce Solista / BAKU
  • XL: spacious seating lounge with harmonious shapes for all layouts. Practical: 230 V and USB sockets under the overhead locker
  • The ambient indirect lighting is optionally available.
  • Washroom and shower can be combined to make a big bathroom which can be separated from the bedroom by a blind. The shower can also be used for hanging up wet clothes (7051 EB and DBM)
  • Standard on board: the comfortable pull-down bed with cold foam mattress and
  • The raised back panel clad in kitchen laminate has a very elegant appearance
  • Fast windscreen defrosting via additional warm air duct of the heating in the dashboard
  • Impressive double bed - with access from three sides
  • The large storage space under the bed is easy to access

Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Noce Solista

Lorraine Walnut (gegen Aufpreis)

Soft furnishing





Standard specification interior

142 l fridge with 15 l freezer compartment

Enlarged working surface

Drawers with Soft Close function

Comfortable Pilote seats with height/ inclination adjustment and upholstered arm rests

Single beds with height-adjustable heading section

Easy-access: wardrobes under the single beds (option: high-level bed)

Safe: step with night illumination

Bathroom door with massive door handle (7051 EB and DBM)

Standard specification exterior

Safe on the road with standard ESP and important driving assistance systems

Fiat broad gauge low frame chassis for safe driving

Fewer fuel stops thanks to the 90 litre fuel tank

The plastic body parts elegantly continue the design of the vehicle without making the sides bulge...

Well-protected from hail: robust GRP roof

Comfortable: gas bottle locker with pull-out function for easy change of gas bottles

XL living room door (70 cm) – when desired with a large window

Large rear garages! Single bed layouts available in three variants

Design variants Low Profile


The dynamics experts

With its new, more aerodynamically shaped roof hood, the ADVANTAGE Low Profile continues the striking design of the new Ducato, not only in terms of superb looks, but also combining practical advantages such as less wind noise and reduced fuel consumption. There is finesse in every detail: e.g. rain water is directed through integrated channels towards the windscreen and the rear. In this way you are spared from an unintentional shower when getting into the vehicle.

The living area boasts a modern interior with flowing lines, interesting two-tone furniture decor and lots of practical ideas. You notice the first one as soon as you open the door: it's 70 cm wide - this ease of access is something you'd normally expect in luxury vehicles.

What's just as practical is the narrow fridge which is fitted as standard in all ADVANTAGE models. It is only 42 cm wide (which creates additional living space) and still has a gigantic 142 l volume. 

ADVANTAGE T Plus factors

  • Aerodynamic T-hood for reduced wind noise and fuel consumption - when desired available with opening skylight
  • Intelligent water management for specific drainage of rain water
  • Anti-glare, freely adjustable click-in spotlights
  • Comfortable Fiat Captain Chair Pilote seats with height/inclination adjustment and upholstered arm rests

Design Variants A Class


Welcome to the premium class!

Travelling in the ADVANTAGE A Class is an experience, thanks to the panoramic windscreen with a stunning view of the outside and a dashboard with optimum noise reduction.

An unbeatable extra benefit is the standard XXL pull-down bed with a 195 x 150 cm sleeping area, wooden slatted frame and high-quality cold foam mattress. During the day it disappears almost invisibly under the roof of the driver's cab.

The innovative furniture design with flowing lines in a two-tone design is light, provides plenty of storage space and still doesn't limit headroom in any way. Cables run in practical installation channels - tidy and protected. Sockets can easily be retrofitted. 

ADVANTAGE I Plus factors

  • Circumferential windscreen with unique Panorama view
  • Perfect and low noise cab dash
  • Additional air ducts in cab dash quickly ensure a clear view
  • Large engine bay opening for easy access to the engine
  • Maxi pull-down bed with much headroom, cold foam mattress and a lying area of 195 x 150 cm
  • Power-saving and long-lasting LED illumination for the interior
  • Anti-glare, freely adjustable click-in spotlights
  • Comfortable Aguti Pilote seats with integrated seat belts